Zoning and Land Use Regulations

C helan County seems to some to be the lawless, wild West (or East as the case may be). Well, folks, those days are long gone. There are rules and building codes here just like everywhere else. The designations can sometimes be a quagmire with "No, you can't do that" being the operative phrase. We are familiar with most of the different zoning codes and regulations. Issues such as river setbacks, building height restrictions, property line setbacks, lot coverage restrictions, riparian restrictions, shoreline conservancy districts, and a myriad of other rules and regulations can make your head spin. By collecting information directly from the County, we can help you understand what you will need to follow, and how to get you what you want while staying within the rules.

Your PARCEL NUMBER and a plat map are the magic keys to researching your property. Be sure to give those to us so we can learn all about your property, and what restrictions we'll encounter in designing your new home, garage, or addition.

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