Water Systems

W ater is obviously one of the most important components to have in place before you build. Chelan County will require proof of water availability on the property before they will issue a building permit. If your property is served by a community water system you will need to get a letter from the administrator of your system stating that your property is served by the system. If you don't yet have water and need to get a well drilled, contact one of the well drilling companies listed below. Tumwater Drilling does most of the drilling in our area. There may be substantial delays in getting your well in, as they are booked way out. Get on their list ASAP.

Well Drilling Companies
Tumwater Drilling - (509)548-5361 - Web Site
Fogle Pump and Supply - (509)-782-5071 - Web Site

Community Water Systems
Ponderosa Estates - - (509)763-3573 - E-mail
Chiwawa River Pines - Evan Woods - (509)763-xxxx - E-mail
Other Subdivisions - - (509)-763-xxxx - E-mail

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