Septic Systems

U nless your property is in one of the few locations with sewer service, you will need to get a septic system built for your project. If you have an existing system, that may have to be re-permitted by Chelan/Douglas Environmental Health. If you do not yet have a system installed, a septic design and site evaluation will be needed. If that's the case, contact one of the septic design contractors below to get this going.

Of critical importance is the number of bedrooms the septic system is rated for. You will not be able to get a building permit for a house with more bedrooms than your septic system allows. For existing septic systems, we will need the permit number, and a copy of the "As Built" showing where the system is located, the size of the tank and the lengths of laterals in the drainfield.

Environmental Health Deptartment
(509)886-6450 - Web Site

Septic System Design
Tower Design - Keith Tower - (509)548-4496 - E-mail
John Poole - (509)548-0144

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