Geo-Hazard Engineers

I f there are any steeps slopes near your property (within 1000 feet is what Chelan County considers "near") you will need to have a Geo-Hazard Site Assessment completed by a licensed Geo-Technical Engineer. Certainly you will want to know if your proposed building site is going to slide off into the lake during a rainstorm, or confirm that the hillside behind you is not going to come washing through your new home! That may be an over-dramatization, but these things have happened here. Once we have your parcel number and research the site, we can tell you if a Geo-Hazard Report will be required for your project. The cost for this usually runs somewhere around $350-$400. If you need one, contact one of the Geo-techs listed below:

Geo-Technical Engineers
Michael Heath - (509)548-4190 - E-mail

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