Additions and Remodels

Adding living space, or remodeling some of your existing space, can be a great way to transform your house or cabin to meet your current needs. If there is enough to work with in the existing building, it can be a cost effective way to get the house you really want. If what's there is marginal, we can help you evaluate whether it makes sense to remodel and add, or simply remove it and start over.

You might think that drawing up plans for your remodel or addition would be less involved than creating plans for a new house. Unfortunately, the reality is that the folks at the County want to see not only the new addtion, but the existing house, as well. The plans need to show, in detail, how the new living space adjoins the existing space, and how the structural elements of both will work together. For this reason, it actually takes more hours to produce a set of drawings for an addition. Old and new must be shown together, but represented differently so someone reading the plans knows which is which.

Take a look at a few of the addition/remodel projects we've created plans for.

The Shugart

The River View

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